Information on the ReGES study for parents


ReGES – What we do

ReGES is a scientific study designed to find out what makes the integration of refugees and other new arrivals into German society more difficult or more successful. Most important to this purpose is the topic of learning – from a person’s first words, right through to their professional career. We would like to invite you and your family to continue taking part in the study. The results will make it possible to develop solutions to help new arrivals find their way around in German society better and faster, especially with regard to school and professional training. In the long term, this will be of help to all children, adolescents, and adults, regardless of their country of origin.


How will the study be carried out?

Our study will focus on children and adolescents. To better understand their lives and learning habits we will interview different groups of people: you as the parents of these children and adolescents, the adolescents themselves, teaching staff, and staff in local administrations and institutions. The interviews for the ReGES study will be carried out by the infas Institute for Applied Social Sciences as follows:

You will receive a letter or notification via the my infas app if you have installed this. You will be informed when the next survey will take place and how we will contact you. We will not always contact everyone involved in the survey. For example, we will not contact you if you do not speak the language involved.
All answers we receive from you will be saved separate to your name and address. This means that no-one working with this data at a later date will be able to link your answers to your name and address.
As the survey focuses on events throughout your life and the lives of your children, we will contact you at various intervals if you have granted your consent for us to do so.

What questions will be asked?

The ReGES study aims to create an overview of the current situation facing children and youth with a refugee background. This is why we also interview you as parents regarding your experiences in Germany. For this purpose, we will ask questions similar to the following:


  • How would you rate your child’s language skills in German?
  • How are your children doing at nursery, in school or in their studies?
  • How would you define your current work and housing situation?


To allow us to ask certain questions, it is important that your children also continue to take part. By doing so, you and your family will be making a valuable contribution to the study. Many thanks for getting involved!


How will my answers be used? You will find all information regarding data protection in the ReGES study here.


The my infas app provides you with all the information you need on the ReGES study and all the main news at a glance. The app also gives you access to the online surveys. If you have forgotten your access details, you can request them here.

Have you changed your address? Please send us your new address through the my infas app so that we can invite you to continue taking part in the surveys.