Information on the ReGES study for parents of young pupils

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ReGES – What we do

ReGES is a scientific study designed to find out what makes the integration of refugee children, youths and parents into German society more difficult or more successful. Learning is an especially important topic for us – from a person’s first words all the way into their professional life.

Now we would like to know how young pupils with a refugee background like your child and you as parents are doing both in school and outside of it several years after arriving in Germany. Your answers can help us improve the situation for people from many different countries of origin who live in Germany.

We would therefore like to invite you and your family to continue taking part in the study. This is the only way we can learn more about your child’s current situation.

How is the study conducted?

The study focuses on young pupils like your child.

To better understand how pupils live and learn, we also survey you as their parents. Most of the questions we ask relate to your child. But we are also interested in learning how things are going for you and what you are doing right now.

The “infas Institut für angewandte Sozialwissenschaft GmbH” institute conducts the ReGES surveys. And this is how the survey process works:

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You receive a letter and/or a notification via the my infas app, if you have it installed. This allows you to receive all of the latest information on when the next survey will be conducted and how we will contact you.

An employee of the infas survey institute will visit your home to conduct the survey. Naturally, comprehensive hygiene measures are taken since the coronavirus pandemic still continues to play a major role in everyday life. Surveys are conducted in Arabic, German or English.

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All of the information you provide to us is stored separately from your name and your address. This means: No one who works with this information later on can find out what your answers or your child’s answers were.

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Since we would like to know how life is progressing for you and your child, we will contact you at regular intervals, provided you have granted us your consent. However, the surveys are no longer conducted as frequently as before.

What questions do we ask you and your child?

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The ReGES study aims to provide a comprehensive overview of your child’s current situation, regardless of what your child is doing at the moment. This is why we ask you detailed questions about your child’s current education situation. However, since, as the parents of these pupils, you have a strong influence on your children’s everyday life and education, we also ask you about your observations and experiences in Germany.

The following are examples of some of the questions we will ask you as part of the study:

  • How would you rate your child’s language skills in German?
  • How is your child doing in school?
  • How would you define your current work and housing situation?

It is important that both you and your child continue to take part in order to be able to answer certain questions. By doing so, you and your family will be making a valuable contribution to ensuring the success of the study. 

Many thanks for getting involved!


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The my infas app provides you with all the information you need on the ReGES study and all the main news at a glance. Starting in autumn 2022, the app will also give you access to the latest results of the ReGES study.

If you have forgotten your access details, you can request them here.

Have you changed your address? Please send us your new address through the my infas app so that we can invite you to continue taking part in the surveys.